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A new approach to India's oldest industry

One of the biggest hallmarks of India’s tangible cultural heritage is its Banarasi sarees. Across scattered weavers, artisans, designers, small brands, big brands, mid-sized bands, manufacturers and more manufacturers, India’s saree market is huge. We’re talking values at over Rs. 400 billion as of 2022 huge. But in a disorganised sector, how do you differentiate from the rest and create a clutter-breaking campaign, especially during the festive season — arguably the most competitive time of the year?

Homegrown Banarasi saree label Banarasiya was asking itself the same question when launching its Festive collection, and sought our expertise to carve its place in an overcrowded category.

Giving it a unique share of voice is exactly what we did. Taking inspiration from the melodies of Banaras, where poetry and harmony exists in the streets, we brought the city’s intangible cultural heritage to life in the form of a creative shoot-led campaign, Raga. A unique, central melodic attribute of Indian Classical Music and dance, we set the tone with moody shots and a symphony of art-directed poses with dance *mudras* and traditional instruments to bring the idea to life.

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