Content Production


The making of a meat-cute

It goes without saying that India’s food delivery industry is bursting at the seams, ruled by quirk-filled, pun-dearing behemoths that are your one-stop for every need. That is, barring fresh, quality meat delivered to your doorstep. Enter Licious, the disruptor in the market. After a rebrand that injected the brand with its personable attributes of a hearty, gregarious gastronaut, came the brand’s biggest challenge — after years of a digital presence that relied primarily on shoots, how can it communicate its brand new personality while competing with other services that already have a strong digital identity?

That’s where they got us onboard. To bring out the brand’s distinctive persona, we crafted content IPs that didn’t just resonate with Licious — but with the new generation of Licious consumers that were digital natives, including video IPs, awareness and engagement content, and yes, tikka-ing the opportunity to throw in a pun here and there. Across key campaigns for its annual ‘All You Can Meat’ sales and crucial launches like its membership, we took a strategic approach to transforming the brand’s digital presence, all the while doing critical content and visual refreshers every quarter to ensure the brand always stayed fresh.

As creative partners for the brand, we were also tasked with creating a strategic offline extension that could be used in its exclusive brand outlets. We crafted a distinctive identity for these IRL stores by building visual extensions to the brand language — in a way that matched its brand new social identity but was differentiated enough to stand on its own independently.

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