Terry Sent Me

Content Production


Bringing the Prohibition Era to life

India has a new favourite alcohol — gin. With the country experiencing a ginaissance of sorts, the market grows at a CAGR of 5.9% with more and more new-age homegrown gin brands emerging at a regular pace. Amidst a sea of premium choices entered Terry Sent Me!, a first of its kind, citrus-forward “Impeccable Gin,” that’s inspired by the speakeasy bars of the Prohibition Era. The brand came to us with a narrative, packaging, and one clear problem statement — now that they’ve activated their socials with the packaging illustrations, where do they go from here?

Diving head-first into the era Terry Sent Me! is inspired by, we took cues from the roaring ‘20s to extend the brand beyond the label and the logo and launch it digitally. To craft a rich visual language on frequently-used platforms, our task began with defining a secondary colour palette to balance out the enigmatic brand world, and creating an Art Deco-inspired graphic toolkit to keep our visual identity distinctive and fresh. We took a campaign-first approach with our content, bringing the notion of ‘The Roaring Spirit’ and ‘The Era of Fun’ to life through various digital-first activations for awareness, engagement and community-building.

Another challenge the brand faced — how do you get the Indian audience invested in the prohibition era, something they probably don’t know unless they’re big on cinema? We tackled this head on, with explanatory content buckets that encapsulated the spirit of the times, packaged in a way that’s massy while still being in-line with the brand. And at the heart of everything we did for them was Terry — a central, enigmatic character, whose identity was never to be revealed, but did help us build an almost mascot for the brand which created strong affinity with our audience at every touchpoint.

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